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Are you upside down in your home?
Stop paying your mortgage and fight the corrupt banks that put you in financial ruin!

Predatory Lending Practices • Refusing to Modify High Interest Loans • Fraudulent Mortgage Practices • Fraudulent Foreclosure Practices • Violations of Truth in Lending Act • Lost Note or Mortgage • Bifurcation of Mortgage and Note • Illegal Activities Performed by Bank • Filing False Affidavits in Court • Unlawful Fees or Insurance Requirements

Homeowners across the states are fighting to save their homes as their Local Government, Politicians and Alleged Bankersters sit back and watch. When the Obama administration launched the HAMP program in 2009, Bank of America was by far the largest mortgage servicer in the program.

Homeowners thought they really had a chance to save their dream homes with the government program. But the question still remains unanswered, "Why are homeowners losing their homes to Foreclosure sales while in a Loan Modification Review"? This violation is called DUAL TRACKING, which is prohibited by law according to the National Mortgage Settlement with the five Major Banks. Some homeowners were simply denied en masse in a procedure some banksters called a "blitz".

Are courts turning a blind eye to the cry of these desperate homeowners in their attempt to save the family homes where some have lived for many generations. Can these homeowners trust an Attorney to fight for them or do the go Pre Per? These are all questions that every homeowner is facing in their fight against the Alleged Lender and Servicer in this Foreclosure Mill.

We hear of many victories in our local courts, so now is the time to explore some of these victories and dissect what these homeowners have done or doing in Saving their American Dream. These homeowners are just like you and I, but what are we lacking that they have obtained. Two Characteristics I have noticed. 1). Legal Technical Knowledge and 2). Persuasive Ability. These two characteristics are vital in challenging the Alleged Lender or Third Party Debt Collector. The conflict between homeowners and the Pretender Lenders is an ongoing fight that needs to be EXPOSED. The Foreclosure Fight Exposed is brought to you in support of Justice. Its Time to EXPOSE the CORRUPTION the FRAUD. , It;s Time To Fight!!!


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Bankers are Being Held Responsible!

More and more Homeowners are winning their fraudulent foreclosure cases against the big banks and mortgage companies as the truth about the sub prime mortgage crises is coming to light.

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