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Are you upside down in your home?
Stop paying your mortgage and fight the corrupt banks that put you in financial ruin!

Predatory Lending Practices • Refusing to Modify High Interest Loans • Fraudulent Mortgage Practices • Fraudulent Foreclosure Practices • Violations of Truth in Lending Act • Lost Note or Mortgage • Bifurcation of Mortgage and Note • Illegal Activities Performed by Bank • Filing False Affidavits in Court • Unlawful Fees or Insurance Requirements

In the past decade the United States has been effected by a mortgage crisis, which has had global economic repercussions, and has led to long-lasting consequences for the United States and European economies with no end in the near future. The executives at Foreclosure Law Resources have intrinsic knowledge of the mortgage and banking industry, as well as the predatory lending practices employed by the banks that created this crisis. FLR also employs individuals who have been affected by the mortgage crisis so we had a vested interest when we created our program to help home owners affected by the mortgage crisis.

To qualify for FLR’s program the mortgage on the property needs to have originated at one of the nationwide banks. For example: Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Countrywide Bank, Wachovia, etc. These are just a few of the banks that qualify for our program. There are many others banks that meet our criteria, as long as they are backed by a nationwide bank and the mortgage was originate between 1993 and the present date. We offer to you the expertise of our knowledge of the handling and processing of these types of loan products in order to offer you the upmost professionalism in handling the situation.

If you decide to enter your property into FLR’s program, with your acceptance and signature on the contract, FLR will become a party of interest, thereby forcing the bank to deal with FLR directly. As there are expenses involved in the filing of a lawsuit, FLR has outlined in our contract the court cost and filing fees necessary to be paid upfront to begin the process of filing a formal lawsuit against your mortgage lender for them committing illegal actions within the handling of your mortgage loan. We will also file a lawsuit against your mortgage bank for punitive damages that on average equals 8-9 times the value of your home. We do understand the financial burdens that a homeowner may be facing during a difficult time such as this and are willing to work with each individual homeowner situation in order to assist in stopping the foreclosure proceedings against your property. You will find all of the details of our program specified in our contract. After you have read our contract in its entirety, if you have any question or concerns please feel free to contract one of our representatives at (844)344-9500.

We thank you for taking the time to review our offer. Please read through the contract enclosed and sign and return to our processing staff for immediate handling. We look forward to working with you and helping you turn this difficult time into a positive resolution.


The Executive Staff
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Bankers are Being Held Responsible!

More and more Homeowners are winning their fraudulent foreclosure cases against the big banks and mortgage companies as the truth about the sub prime mortgage crises is coming to light.

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