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Are you upside down in your home?
Stop paying your mortgage and fight the corrupt banks that put you in financial ruin!

Predatory Lending Practices • Refusing to Modify High Interest Loans • Fraudulent Mortgage Practices • Fraudulent Foreclosure Practices • Violations of Truth in Lending Act • Lost Note or Mortgage • Bifurcation of Mortgage and Note • Illegal Activities Performed by Bank • Filing False Affidavits in Court • Unlawful Fees or Insurance Requirements

Mortgage Home Underwater Foreclosure We Can Help!Do you feel like your mortgage payments are out of control and loaded with unnecessary bank fees?

Have you tried to negotiate with your mortgage lender only to have your requests fall upon deaf ears?

Do you feel your lender or bank has done you wrong?

Then take a couple of minutes to read what we have to say ... Because in many cases, your mortgage lender HAS done you wrong!

The staff at Foreclosure Law Resources (FLR) come from mortgage lending backgrounds and have compiled the necessary evidence and proper court documents in order to best represent and in many times win your foreclosure case in court! 

Our process will only take about 15 minutes of your time to get the ball rolling!

We will need to know who your mortgage lender is, your loan number and if you are in the foreclosure process already, we will need to know who the attorneys are for the bank.

When you become a Client / Member of our organization, we will provide you with the necessary resources from our vast network of investigators and attorneys in order to handle your specific case.

From the moment you sign up, we will attach your case and information to a class action lawsuit that we have filed already in federal court. If you ARE in foreclosure proceedings and therefore require motions to place a stay (freeze) on those foreclosure proceedings then there will be a handling and processing fee along with forensic investigation and court filing fees and attorney costs in order to stop your foreclosure proceedings. These additional fees can can be broken down on a monthly basis over a period of time solely based on the urgency your documents require (i.e. "If your facing foreclosure sale in a month you will require rush service therefore any immediate filing fees investigative costs and processing will have to be paid as as soon as possible.

This will relieve you from the constant stress and illegal collection activities your lender may be placing on you to make an immediate payment, modify your loan or short sale your house.

The staff at Foreclosure Law Resources has streamlined this legal process to make it affordable to everyone who has fallen victim to the BIG BANKS and their WALL STREET attorneys fraudulent activity.

Over the last few years we have noticed many "Foreclosure Relief" companies and attorneys promising their clients the world, while charging thousands of dollars. But, in many cases these efforts produced little results because they never had the RIGHT EVIDENCE needed to WIN YOUR CASE.

Foreclosure Law Resources are so confident we can win your case, we will only collect our Fees from the settlement of your case. 

Here's what we sue for:

  • Your Home Deed Free and Clear
  • Three Times your Mortgage / Foreclosure Amount (Whichever is Greater), as Punitive Damages
  • Three Times All Mortgage Payments You Made on the Loan, as Punitive Damages
  • Three Times your Mortgage / Foreclosure Amount for Emotional Distress and Pain and Suffering

When we have the positive settlement, we will collect 18% of the total settlement as our Fee. If we don't WIN your Case, We don't get paid. 

Because of the Fee we charge is being paid by the Settlement of the Lawsuit, by our contract to assist you, we thereby become a Common Party of Interest in the Lawsuit. This enables Foreclosure Law Resources to be a "Plaintiff" of the Lawsuit and allows us to directly fight the Bank for you as our Member-Client-Partner in the Case. This also allows us the ability to Originate the Law Suit in New York State as our legal address is in New York as well as the Big Wall Street Banks. Therefore:


Upon signing up, you will immediately receive in your email, all the necessary documentation for use to be able to File in Court. Please make sure to sign these documents and send them to our Processing Department, for our Staff to be able to begin with filing the MOTION TO STAY your Mortgage / Foreclosure.

Enroll Now for Only $299*:

$299 Includes Court Filing Fees of the Motion to Stay and 64 page Complaint which will prevent further foreclosure action until complaint is determined by a judge.

Additional monthly payment of $299 for a total of 10 months are required to cover Evidentiary Audits & Investigation Costs.


Please download and review our:
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to Stop & Assist
Fill & Sign Online

Our forms are fillable PDF docuements and require Adobe Acrobat in order to fill the contract
on your computer.

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Bankers are Being Held Responsible!

More and more Homeowners are winning their fraudulent foreclosure cases against the big banks and mortgage companies as the truth about the sub prime mortgage crises is coming to light.

Register Now to Become a Member of the Foreclosure Law Resources Web Site to View Our Members Only Area to read about Successful Cases where the Courts have ruled in favor of the Homeowner.

$299 Enrollment Fee In Our
Foreclosure Law Resources Program*

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Stop Making Payments on Your Under Water Home!

Stop Your Foreclosure!

Save Your Home!

*$299 Includes Court Filing Fees of the Motion to Stay and 64 page Complaint which will prevent further foreclosure action until complaint is determined by a judge.

Additional monthly payments of $299 for a total of 10 months are required to cover Evidentiary Audits & Investigation Costs.